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SG Supplement together with it's parent company Shuguang Biochem factory is proud to bring to you our high quality iBCAA at an exceptional price. Although, SG Supplement is a newly established business in the U.S but it's parent company Shuguang Biochem factory based in Jiangsu province China have been producing quality nutritional raw materials for over 20 years. Shuguang Biochem have been supplying their iBCAA all through out the world such as USA, South America, Europe and Asia. Shuguang Biochem is a GMP compliance factory and most of our products are Kosher, Halal certified and conform to USP, AJI,EP, FCC. With our years of Research and Development experience, we have qualified technical people ready to assist with all the technical questions or concerns you may have. SG Supplement is headquarter in Rancho Cucamonga, CA about 40 miles east of Downtown Los Angeles. We have a FDA approved facility with over 15,000sqft of warehouse space and over 50 ingredients in stock daily. More importantly, at SG Supplement, we are committed to providing our customers with quality materials at a competitive pricing and on-time delivery.